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The Senior Peers of England

This is just a very simple table, and it doesn't include the barons or bishops.

The creation date shown is when this branch of the family came into the senior title. For example, 1550 is the year John Russell became Earl of Bedford.

Notice that Northampton has to die (without heirs) in 1572 before Viscount Hereford can become the Earl of Essex.

Viscounts do not have secondary titles. Modernly, an earl's second title is a viscounty. In period it is almost always a barony.

Codes: VC = Viscount E. = Earl B. = Baron
TitleCreatedSurnameSecondary Title
Norfolk 1483 Howard E. Surrey
Northampton 1547 Parr E. Essex
Winchester 1551 Paulet E. Wiltshire, B. St. John
Arundel 1137 FitzAlan Maltravers
Oxford 1142 deVere Vere
Northumberland 1377 Percy Percy
Westmoreland 1397 Neville Neville of Raby
Shrewsbury 1442 Talbot Furnival
Kent 1465 Grey de Ruthen Grey
Derby 1485 Stanley Strange
Worcester 1514 Somerset Somerset
Rutland 1525 Manners Roos
Cumberland 1525 Clifford Clifford
Sussex 1529 Radcliffe VC Fitzwalter, B Fitzwalter
Huntington 1529 Hastings Hastings
Bath 1536 Bourchier Fitzwarrin
Warwick 1547 Dudley Lisle
Southampton 1547 Wriothesley Wriothesley of Titchfield
Bedford 1550 Russell Russell of Cheynies
Pembroke 1558 Herbert Herbert
Hertford 1558 Seymour Beauchamp
Leicester 1564 Dudley Denbigh
Essex 1572 Devereaux VC Hereford, B Ferrers
Lincoln 1572 Fiennes Clinton
Nottingham 1597 Howard Howard of Effingham
Hereford 1550Devereux
Montague 1554 Browne
Bindon 1559 Howard

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