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A London & Westminster Directory

Not every nobleman needs or wants to keep a house in London. In the 1570s and '80s, these are some of those who do. The first part of the entry is the name of the house, the second part is the street or district in London.

London Houses
ArundelHenry Fitzalan, earl of ArundelArundel House, the Strand
Bacon Sir Nicholas Bacon York House, the Strand
Burghley William Cecil, lord Burghley Burghley House, the Strand
Derby Henry Stanley, earl of Derby Derby House, Canon Row
Effingham Charles Howard, lord Howard of Effingham Kings Street, Westminster
Hatton Sir Christopher Hatton Ely Place, Holborn
Hertford Edward Seymour, earl of Hertford Hertford House, Canon row
Hunsdon Henry Carey, lord Hunsdon King's Place, Hackney (technically out-of-town, Hackney is north of the city)
Leicester Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester Leicester House, the Strand
Lincoln Henry Clinton, earl of Lincoln Lincoln House, Canon row
Lumley John Lumley, lord Lumley Crutched Friars, Tower Hill
Oxford Edward deVere, earl of Oxford Oxford Court, London Stone; Fishers Folly, Bishopsgate
Pembroke Henry Herbert, earl of Pembroke Baynard's Castle, Blackfriars
Ralegh Sir Walter Ralegh Durham House, the Strand
Southampton Henry Wriothesley, earl of Southampton Drury Place, the Barbican
Southampton Mary, dowager countess of Southampton Southampton House, Chancery Lane
Sussex Thomas Radcliffe, earl of Sussex Sussex House, Canon Row
Willoughby Peregrine Bertie, lord Willoughby d'Eresby Willoughby House, the Barbican

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