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Designer's Notes

The Illustrations

Selected maps and map ornaments on this site are from the Planet Arts "Antique Maps" collection. The Tudor Rose ornament was created especially for this site.

The background borders are from Owen Jones's The Grammar of Ornament; they are documented Elizabethan patterns for architectural ornament, woodcarving, and embroidery.

The Fonts

The title page fonts are Dauphin and Prose Antique.

The calligraphic fonts Allembert, Cadeaulx, Cymbeline, Fiorenza, Froissart, Lyonesse, and Terpsichore, used on the navigation buttons, running heads, picture captions, and maps, are from Ragnarok Press's Scriptorium collection.

Additional captions are set in Dauphin, Prose Antique, Blackadder ITC and Zapf Chancery.

The Software

This site was built a long, long time ago in HomeSite for Windows 95 v. 2.5. The site is validated HTML 3.2 with selected proprietary extensions that degrade gracefully, and is Lynx, iPhone, and iPad friendly.

Original artwork, calligraphic title pages, and the map of Tudor England were created in Adobe Illustrator and Paint Shop Pro.

The Tudor Succession family tree was created in Visio Professional.


Special thanks to Glen Blankenship, webhead extraordinaire, for technical advice (and everything else); to my brother Max, for all the books; and to Phyllis Patterson for her vision of teaching history through festival.

God Saue the Queen!

-- Paula Kate Marmor

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