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Blazons of the Ancient Paternal Arms of the Peers of England and Members of the Gentry as Portrayed in the Guild of Saint George

Compiled by John Neitz
Arms Drawn by Paula Kate Marmor

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Hereford (Devereux): see earl of Essex.

Montague (Browne): sable, three lions passant in bend between two double cottises argent . (Motto: Suivez raison: Follow reason)

Howard of Bindon (Howard): As for Duke of Norfolk with a crescent on bend for difference.


Many baronial titles are the same as the family surname. Where they are different, the name is shown in parentheses.

de Roos (Manners): or, two bars azure a chief gules.

Grey de Wilton: barry of six argent & azure, a label of five points gules.

Clinton: as for Earl of Lincoln.

Zouche (Le Zouche): gules, ten bezants a canton ermine.

Cobham (Brooke): gules, on a chevron argent a lion rampant sable.

Audley (Tuchet): ermine, a chevron gules. (?)

Willoughby D'Eresby (Bertie): argent, three battering rams barwise in pale proper headed & garnished azure

Morley (Parker): argent, between two bars sable a lion passant gules in chief three bucks’ heads cabossed sable.

Scrope (Le Scrope): azure, a bend or.

Stourton: sable, a bend or between six fountains.

Lumley: argent, a fess gules between three popinjays vert collared gules.

Berkeley: gules, a chevron between ten crosses patée argent.

Latimer (Neville): gules, on a saltire argent an annulet sable for difference.

Dudley (Sutton): or, a lion rampant queue forché vert

Bergavenny (Neville): gules, on a saltire argent a rose gules barbed & seeded proper for difference.

Ogle: argent, a fess between three crescents gules.

Mountjoy (Blount): barry, nebuly of six or and sable.

Dacre of Gillisland and Greystock (Dacre): gules, three escallops or.

Dacre of the South (Fiennes): azure, three lions rampant or.

Willoughby de Brooke (Willoughby/Greville): or, fretty azure.

Conyers: azure, a maunch or with a crescent or, surmounted by a crescent gules for difference.

Mounteagle (Stanley): argent, on a bend azure three stags heads cabossed or, a crescent for difference.

Sandys: argent, a cross raguly sable.

Vaux: checky azure and or.

Windsor: gules, a saltire argent between twelve crosses crosslet or

Wentworth: sable, a chevron between three leopards' faces or

Burgh: azure, three fleur-de-lys ermine

Mordaunt: argent, a chevron between three estoiles sable

Cromwell: quarterly per fess indented or and azure, four lions passant counterchanged.

Eure (or Evers): quarterly or and gules, on a bend sable three escallops argent.

Stafford : or, a chevron gules

Rich: gules, a chevron between three crosses botonée or. (Per pale or and azure a chevron between three rondels charged with lions rampant all counterchanged of the field.)

Willoughby de Parham: or, fretty azure.

Sheffield: argent, a chevron between three garbs gules

Darcy of Aston: azure, crusily and three cinquefoils argent.

Paget: sable, on a cross engrailed between four eagles displayed argent five lions passant guardant sable.

Howard of Effingham (Howard): as for Duke of Norfolk with a mullet sable for difference.

North: azure, a lion passant or between three fleur-de-lys argent.

Chandos (Brydges): argent, on a cross sable a leopard's face or.

Darcy of Chiche: argent, three cinquefoils gules.

Hastings of Loughborough: as Earl of Huntingdon.

Hunsdon (Carey): argent, on a bend sable three roses argent.

St. John of Bledsoe (St. John): argent , on a chief gules two mullets argent.

Buckhurst (Sackville): quarterly or and gules, a bend vair.

De la Warre (West): argent, a fess dancetée sable.

Burghley (Cecil): barry of ten argent and azure, six escutcheons sable each charged with a lion rampant argent.

Compton: sable, a lion passant guardant or between three esquires' helms argent.

Norreys of Rycote: quarterly argent & gules, in the second & third quarters a fret or, overall a fess azure

Cheney: ermine, on a bend sable three martlets or.

Wharton: sable, a maunch argent; on a bordure or, eight pairs of lions gambs saltire wise erased gules

Vavasour: or, a fess dancetée sable

Berners (Knyvett): argent, a bend and a bordure engrailed sable.

Ughtred: gules, on a cross moline or five mullets gules


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Edited by John Neitz
Designed and illustrated by Paula Kate Marmor
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