Then the Lords were called and answered and appeared as followeth:

Edward Earl of Oxford Henry Lord Stafford
Gilbert Earl of ShrewsburyThomas Lord Gray
William Earl of DerbyThomas Lord Lumley
Edward Earl of WorcesterHenry Lord Windsor
George Earl of Cumberland William Lord Chandos
Robert Earl of Sussex Robert Lord Rich
Edward Earl of Hertford Thomas Lord Darcy
Henry Earl of Lincoln George Lord Hunsdon
Charles Earl of Nottingham Oliver Lord St John of Bletso
Thomas Viscount Bindon Thomas Lord Burghley
Thomas Lord De la Ware William Lord Compton
Edward Lord Morley Thomas Lord Howard of Walden
Henry Lord Cobham

Then the Earl of Essex desired to know of my Lord Chief Justice, whether he might challenge any of the peers or no, whereunto the Lord Chief Justice answered No: and Mr. Attorney General alleged a case in Henry the Eighth’s time, of my Lord Darcy, whereupon the Earl bade them go on.

(When the Lord Gray was called, the Earl of Essex laughed upon the Earl of Southampton, and jogged him upon his sleeve.)

Then they were called to hold up their Hands at the Bar, which they did. And then the Clerk of the Crown read the Indictments. That being done, they were bid to hold up their hands again, which they did, and another indictment was read, whereunto the Earl of Essex was attentive. After which the Clerk of the Crown asked them whether they were Guilty or Not Guilty, they pleaded Not Guilty; and for their trials they put themselves upon God and the Peers. They spake this severally. Then my Lord High Steward in a few words gave the peers a charge, requiring them to have due regard for their consciences.

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