Earl of Worcester. They proved in court upon their honors that they heard the words Kill them, Kill them, but they would not charge my Lord of Essex that they were spoken either by his privity or command. [This appears to be an aside, or a request for clarification, which is not answered in the text. --mps]

Attorn. Gen. Yea, my Lord, you had three hundred men in arms in your house. Why did you not dissolve them, being commanded upon your allegiance from the Queen to do it?

Essex House Essex. They hearing rumours of men about my house against them, put them into such fear and ecstasy, that it was not in my power to dissolve them, or to quench their passions, and the rather for that Sir Walter Raleigh desired Sir Ferdinando Gorges to leave their company or else they would all be lost. So they stood amazed and knew not what to do.

Southampton. Mr. Attorney, you speak all this as if it were as true as the Gospel.

Essex. Good my Lord, let me entreat you to mark the circumstances. Word was brought that men were sent for into the country to take us in our own houses. Then we, conceiving the thirsty appetite of our private enemies, took ourselves to arms, and were glad to stand upon our guard for our own defense.

But, as for the Lords of the council that came to my house, we being before advertised that we should be beset, thought it the securest way for those of the Council to keep them there, not knowing what mischief would ensue.

Attorn. Gen. My Lord, your Grace sees that this is without colour or question, for my Lord Chief Justice hath proved it plain, that they would not dissolve their company that was up in arms, being charged upon their allegiance to do so.

Essex. Good my Lord, know whether it were in my Lord of Southamptonís power or in mine to withhold their purposes so suddenly. For not long before Sir Walter Raleigh had sent to my house to have Sir Ferdinando Gorges to come to him at Durham House, and we fearing him to be a private enemy, would not suffer Sir Ferdinando to go thither, but returned answer that he would meet him on the water upon equal terms.

Where[upon] Sir Walter Raleigh used the former speeches to Sir Ferdinando Gorges, wishing him to leave our company, or else he would be undone. And whereas we are charged to have dealt with Papists, I assure your Lordship, and it is most true, that Papists have been hired and suborned to witness against me, as by the means of one Sudall, who was a seminary priest, and sent into Ireland to deal with Sir Christopher Blount, whom he thought to be inward with me, to touch my honour and reputation. Then Bales the scrivener in the Old Bailey hath confessed under his hand to forge and counterfeit my hand in at least two letters. And these two honest gentlemen can witness.

Attorn. Gen. Aye, by my troth this is truth, but it was by the procurement of one of your own men.

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