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16 March 2009
The Examination of Mary Queen of Scots transcribed (with updated spelling and paragraphing) from the History of the Life of Mary Queen of Scots, printed in 1681.

8 August 2008
Managing a Noble Household: A Book of Orders and Rules, 1595 for the "better direction and government of my household and family, together with the several duties and charges appertaining to mine officers and other servants" by Anthony Maria Browne, 2nd Viscount Montague.

24 April 2008
Introducing A Compendium of Common Knowledge version 9, the Spring 2008 edition with new pages on ale, marriage, Christmas, and more.
5 August 2006
Bookmark our new URL http://www.elizabethan.org

There are also new and updated links on our Renaissance Sites page.
1 August 2005
New and Improved! A Compendium of Common Knowledge, version 8, the newly expanded Summer 2005 edition with new pages and updated illustrations throughout.
15 February 2004
Find new and updated links on our Renaissance Sites page.
10 December 2002
New in the Compendium: Keeping Christmas.
15 July 2001
New in the Compendium: More Wedding Customs.
14 July 2001
Elizabethan Sumptuary Statutes includes an introduction to sumptuary laws by Maggie Secara, with annotated transcriptions of the statutes themselves.
10 June 2001
New on our Renaissance Sites page - see People and Portraits to find online portrait galleries and biographies of greater and lesser Elizabethans.

See our updated Search page, using Google.
9 June 2001
If you've had trouble downloading the printable Compendium of Common Knowledge 1558-1603, try our updated Adobe Acrobat version.
4 February 2001
We've added two new primary texts in Elizabethan Heraldry:

Orders to be observed and kept by the Officers of Armes made by the high and mighty Prince Thomas Duke of Norfolke Earle Marischall of England Anno 1568.

Rights and Duties of Garter King of Arms excerpted from Constitutions of the Officers of the Order of the Garter, 14 Hen. VIII [1522-3] (in translation)
29 July 2000
We've restructured and expanded our Renaissance Sites page - look for great new links on Gardening and Husbandry, Literature and Drama, and Wordplay - Names and Language.
9 January 2000
In Heraldry, we've added a comprehensive list of the Officers of the College of Arms in the Reign of Elizabeth I.
26 November 1999
We've added new links to our Renaissance Sites page on France in the sixteenth century and renaissance gardens in England, as well as a new link to the Shakespeare Resource center.
5 September 1999
We've added lots of new links to our Renaissance Sites page, including sources for period calligraphic fonts.
1 May 1999
Exclusively at Renaissance - The Trial of the Earls of Essex and Southampton, 1601, edited and annotated for the web from the 1679 edtion by Maggie Secara, decorated by Paula Kate Marmor.
15 November 1998
You'll find a passel of new and updated links in Renaissance Sites, courtesy John Neitz.
30 August 1998
We've found a great new site with primary-source information on sixteenth century Irish Costume. See Women's Leine at Reconstructing History.
20 August 1998
New in the Compendium: Dinner at Cowdray House, 1595 illustrates the pomp surrounding formal dining in the late Elizabethan Age. This new page has also been added to the printable files.
18 August 1998
You asked for it! You can now download the Compendium of Common Knowledge 1558-1603 as a single file suitable for printing, with the maps and illustrations included.
24 April 1998
We've added a third page to our Primer of Blazonry. Here are more common features of Elizabethan heraldry.
20 April 1998
We've added a even more links on our Renaissance Sites page, from the works of Phillip Sidney to an essay on the South Bank. Check it out!
16 April 1998
In our new section Elizabethan Heraldry, John Neitz, our new herald-in-residence, explores Heralds and Heraldry in Elizabethan England, and presents the blazons of the Arms of the peers and gentry, with full-color illustrations by Paula Kate Marmor. We've also included A Primer of Blazonry, a visual introduction to heraldry.
12 March 1998
We've added a number of links on the Renaissance Sites page. We've also added the large Map of Scotland & the Borders, as promised.
20 February 1998
New in the Compendium, a Map of Scotland & the Borders (a large-scale map for printing is coming soon!).
18 February 1998
Explore A Compendium of Common Knowledge 1558-1603, Elizabethan Commonplaces for Writers, Actors, and Re-Enactors.


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