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Robert Dudley

Philip King of Spain

The Queen's Suitors: The Short List

Archduke Charles von Hapsburg
The Emperor's second son. Negotiations on and off from 1564-67. Supported by Cecil, undermined by Leicester who still has aspirations. Represented at court by his Chamberlain, VonBreumer.
Francis de Valois, Duc d'Alençon et d'Anjou
The younger brother to the king of France. Negotiations throughout the late '70s. His mother is Catherine di Medici. Fairly serious. Supported by Burghley, opposed by Walsingham and Hatton. Representation: Baron Jean de Simier.
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester
A widower after 1563, but perpetually under a cloud because of the manner of his wife Amy's death. With Cecil, HRM's best friend--except when he's being a jerk. Out of contention after '78 when he is married to Lettyce Knollys.
King Eric of Sweden
Not considered a good bet, although he sends lots of presents. Representation: his brother Duke John of Finland and sister Princess Cecilia with her husband the Margrave von Baden Baden. (Gossip: Cecilia was known to be "flirting heavily" with the earl of Arundel.)
King Philip of Spain
Actually imagines he has a chance, since he used to be married to her sister. The queen let him think so briefly at the beginning of the reign, then the matter was dropped.
Emanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy
Originally proposed by Philip of Spain when Elizabeth was still the Princess. Savoy has almost nothing to recommend him except a title and a swagger. Most of his duchy has been taken by the French, and he's broke.
English Hopefuls (beside Leicester) include at various times:
Sir Christopher Hatton
Sir William Pickering
Henry FitzAlan, earl of Arundel
Thomas Howard, duke of Norfolk
Sir Thomas Heneage

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