A spacious Court was made in Westminster Hall, where the Lord Treasurer Buckhurst sat as High Steward of England, under a Canopy of State, where sat also about the table the Earls, Barons, and Judges of the land according to their degree.

The Judges were these:

The Lord Chief Justice Popham, and the Lord Chief Justice Anderson

The Lord Chief Baron Justice Warberton
Justice Gawdie Justice Kingsmill
Justice FennerMr. Baron Clarke
Justice Walmesley

These sat all in the court next the Bar before the High Steward. Seven Sergeants at Arms came in with maces before the High Steward, and laid them down before him in the Court. The King at Arms stood on one side of the High Steward by his chair of Estate, and one of Her Majesty’s Gentlemen Ushers with his white rod in his hand on the other side. The Clerk of the Crown and his assistant sat before him to read the Common Indictments and Examinations. The Captain of the Guard (Sir Walter Raleigh) and forty of the Queen’s Guard were there to attend the service. Then the Sergeant at Arms made the O Yes! and Proclamation, that the Lord High Steward of England commanded silence, and to hear the Commission read, upon pain of imprisonment. Then the Clerk of the Crown read the Commission, whereunto the Earl of Essex was very attentive.

Plan of the Tower Another proclamation was made, that the Lord High Steward of England commanded all Justices, to whom any writs had been directed for this service to bring them in and certify the same.

Another proclamation was made by a Sergeant at Arms that the Lieutenant of the Tower of London should return his precept and bring forth his prisoners, Robert Earl of Essex and Henry Earl of Southampton.

Then the Lord High Constable of the Tower, the Lieutenant of the Tower, and the Gentleman Porter, who carried the Ax before the prisoners came first in, and the prisoners followed and made their appearance at the Bar, the Gentleman Porter with the Ax standing before them, with the Ax’s edge [away] from them, and so the Lieutenant delivered his Precept into the Court.

The two Earls (which were prisoners) kissed one another’s hands and embraced each other.

Another proclamation was made, that the Sergeant at Arms to the Queen’s Majesty do return his Precept of the names of all the peers of Robert Earl of Essex and Henry Earl of Southampton, the which he delivered into the Court accordingly.

Another proclamation was made, that all Earls, Viscounts, and Barons of the realm of England which were peers of Robert Earl of Essex and Henry Earl of Southampton, and summoned to appear this day, do make answer to the Names upon pain and peril that will fall thereon.

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