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A Joiner's Shop

More Services and Occupations

Notice how many of these are also surnames.

You get...

From the...

Barrels Cooper
Candles Chandler
Gloves Glover
Glass Windows Glazier
Tile for the roof Tiler
Saddles, bridles, etc. Saddler
Knives Cutler
Furniture Joiner


Is ...

Landlord The man who runs the tavern
Ostler The man (or boy) in charge of the horses and stabling at an inn. Also stable boys and grooms.
Fuller The "dry cleaners".
Acater (uh-KAY-ter) The agent you hire to order and buy food or goods you do not supply from your own estates.
Warrener The man who catches rabbits on your land. (Rabbits live in warrens.)
Fowler The man who supplies game birds for your table
Cocker The man who handles the birds at cockfighting
Sawyer The man you contract with for sawn wooden planks (and so on) for building
Turner The person the joiner buys lathe-turned items from, such as table legs, finials, etc.

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