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Services and Occupations

You get...

From the...

Books Stationer or bookseller
HatsMilliner or Hatter
Suit of ClothesTailor
Ready made clothesDraper
Other iron work Blacksmith
A PortraitLimner
Legal ServiceLawyer
Drugs etc.Apothecary
DentistryBarber Surgeon

In the city...

A Stapler Buys and sells raw wool; also silk and linen.
A Draper Deals in cloth (wholesale), plus some ready-made garments and dry goods.
A Mercer Is the cloth retailer: the local fabric store is a mercer's shop. One may be a silk mercer or a wool mercer, for example.

In your own household, your...

Man of Business Is your accountant, looks after your investments
Steward Oversees the running of your estates.
Factor Does business for you in London, or in another country.
Nurse Takes care of infants and young children.
Wet Nurse Breast feeds the baby (maybe as long as the first 2 years.)
Tutor Educates your children

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